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  1. vleo-teaser.png
    Good at Captioning, Bad at Counting: Benchmarking GPT-4V on Earth Observation Data
    Chenhui Zhang, and Sherrie Wang
    arXiv preprint arXiv: 2401.17600, 2024
  2. dt-opt.png
    DP-OPT: Make Large Language Model Your Differentially-Private Prompt Engineer
    Junyuan Hong, Jiachen T. Wang, Chenhui Zhang, Zhangheng Li, Bo Li, and Zhangyang Wang
    The Twelfth International Conference on Learning Representations, 2024
  3. Decoding Compressed Trust: Scrutinizing the Trustworthiness of Efficient LLMs Under Compression
    Junyuan Hong*, Jinhao Duan*, Chenhui Zhang*, Zhangheng Li*, Chulin Xie, Kelsey Lieberman , and 5 more authors
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2403.15447, 2024


  1. decodingtrust.png
    DecodingTrust: A Comprehensive Assessment of Trustworthiness in GPT Models
    Boxin Wang*Weixin Chen*, Hengzhi Pei*, Chulin Xie*Mintong Kang*Chenhui Zhang* , and 13 more authors
    Thirty-seventh Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems Datasets and Benchmarks Track, Outstanding Paper Award, 2023
    * indicates equal contribution
  2. sam-river.png
    Segment Any Stream: Scalable Water Extent Detection with the Segment Anything Model
    Haozhen Zheng*, Chenhui Zhang*Kaiyu Guan, Yawen Deng, Sherrie Wang, Bruce L. Rhoads , and 3 more authors
    In NeurIPS 2023 Computational Sustainability: Promises and Pitfalls from Theory to Deployment , 2023
  3. cross-scale-tillage.jpg
    Cross-scale Sensing of Field-Level Crop Residue Cover: Integrating Field Photos, Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging, and Satellite Data
    Sheng WangKaiyu GuanChenhui Zhang, Qu Zhou, Sibo Wang, Xiaocui Wu , and 9 more authors
    Remote Sensing of Environment, 2023
  4. hyperspectral-rtm.jpg
    Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging of Cover Crops through Radiative Transfer Process-Guided Machine Learning
    Sheng WangKaiyu GuanChenhui Zhang, Chongya Jiang, Qu Zhou, Kaiyuan Li , and 8 more authors
    Remote Sensing of Environment, 2023


  1. hyperspectral-soc.jpg
    Using Soil Library Hyperspectral Reflectance and Machine Learning to Predict Soil Organic Carbon: Assessing Potential of Airborne and Spaceborne Optical Soil Sensing
    Sheng WangKaiyu GuanChenhui Zhang, DoKyoung Lee, Andrew J. Margenot, Yufeng Ge , and 4 more authors
    Remote Sensing of Environment, 2022